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We pride ourselves on our high-tech, contemporary office. We want nothing more than the best dental care possible for all of our patients, and to us, that starts with comfortability. We achieve this by implementing the newest gadgets and by practicing comfort dentistry. Here's how we've set our office apart.

Advanced Technology

When you're in our care, you will no longer fear the harmful effects of radiation caused by x-rays. We only use the latest machines which reduce radiation by 90%. This innovative process significantly reduced wait times, as the results are transferred instantly to a monitor.

Along with digital x-rays, we also utilize lasers for cosmetic corrections and restorative services. Their use includes:

Sedation Dentistry

Another key contributor toward a comfortable experience is a stress-free visit. We achieve this chiefly through the use of nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas. This solution for dentophobia has been in use since 1799 and is generally safe for most individuals.

We use it for those that are in fear or have anxiety. The gas in which you inhale induces a calming effect but doesn't cause sleep. This will block pain sensations when numbing agents aren't enough.

It's also the most commonly used sedative for dentists because it keeps you conscious. For us to provide you with care, you'll need to be responsive. Although you are aware of your surroundings and responsive, many patients won't recall their appointment at all or have a vague, spotty recollection.

Intra Oral Camera

We use these powerful cameras to show our patients what is wrong and better inform them how to treat the ailment. Our cameras take highly detailed pictures, allowing us to get to the root of the problem.

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If high-tech tools and supreme comfort are up your alley, head over to our office. We that makeup Primera Dental look forward to meeting you and your family. So, contact us today to set an appointment and experience superior dental care.

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