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Tooth extraction

We understand that many patients experience anxiety about having a tooth extracted.
While we will always make every effort to save the tooth, sometimes extractions can be the only alternative.

At Primera Dental, we do our best to provide teeth extractions that are simple and painless. Treatment of recurring infections with antibiotics may not be considered medically responsible. This is because the bacteria that cause infections can develop resistance to repeatedly administered antibiotics, and the infections may become very difficult or impossible to treat, resulting in a potential life threat. 

Chronically infected teeth that have been recommended for removal can become acutely inflamed, resulting in severe pain, swelling and numbness. If the tooth that has been recommended for removal is infected and the infection is not treated (either through tooth removal or root canal treatment) the infection can spread and become life threatening. Infections of the upper teeth can ascend into the brain. Infections that cause swelling into the oropharynx can ultimately prevent air from reaching the lungs
(suffocation). Infections can also spread along fascial planes of the neck toward
the heart, lungs, and other organs with potentially grim implications. 

Today’s technologies and advances in anesthesia have made extractions much simpler, pain and worry free.

Here at Primera Dental, we will discuss available alternatives to extractions and replacement options of the extracted tooth.

Replacing teeth with:

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