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If your pearly whites are starting to yellow, you may be wondering how to make your teeth as white as they once were. Luckily, there are a few easy ways of teeth whitening in DeBary, but make sure you consult your dentist, or you could harm yourself.

Why Teeth Become Stained

Your favorite beverages and foods may be the cause of your yellowing teeth; even your bad habits can have adverse effects. To help prevent yellowing from occurring, be mindful of the following foods and cautious of the activities:

  • Coffee/tea

  • Soda

  • Sports drinks

  • Candy

  • Alcohol

  • Smoking

  • Overusing mouthwash

Did you know that overbrushing your teeth makes them turn yellow instead of getting them cleaner? Too much gusto can strip away the protective enamel coating leaving your teeth susceptible to acidic substances such as sauce and coffee.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Kits

Whiteners and teeth bleaching products are overtly popular in American culture. Annually, United States citizens spend north of a billion dollars on store-bought products. So, you may be wondering if the bite taken out of your wallet is worth it.

The first warning sign comes from the lack of government regulation. Usually, the FDA will mandate specific food and various products to meet a defined standard to ensure quality, but for whiteners, they don't.

This has led to a glaringly low level of consistency with OTC products, as they contain negligent levels of hydrogen peroxide. Multiple studies have concluded that the average whitener found on retail shelves ranges from 3-20% hydrogen peroxide. These levels are not enough to make your teeth whiter.

Professional Teeth Whitening

It comes as no surprise that over-the-counter teeth whiteners and bleachers don't do the jobs they advertise. A significant reason for this is that they don't contain high enough carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, making them money wasters.

Professional teeth whitening is a multistep process, so when you see "convenience of home whitening," you should be skeptical. These are the professional perks that the too good to be true home kits don't provide you with:

  • Record made of the current shade

  • Teeth polished with pumice

  • Retractors and gauze to keep teeth dry

  • A protective barrier place over gums

  • Much stronger whiteners (up to 45% hydrogen peroxide concentration)

As evidenced, having your dentist whiten your teeth is a much safer and efficient option for you. You won't risk ineffectiveness rooted in unclean teeth nor risk damaging the soft tissues of the gingiva (gums).

What to Know About Whitening Teeth

Whether or not you whiten at home or in your dentist's office, you run several risks. Whitening can lead to sensitivity and could even cause root damage. Your dentist may predict if these will occur, so it is also best to contact them first if you are determined to self-treat.

Yellow stains react the best to whiteners and bleachers, whereas brown-grey stains show the least improvement. If you smoke, chances are your stained teeth will only get worse, as even the strongest whiteners show minuscule effect.

Also, if you've chipped your teeth, especially front ones, whiteners will only make the aesthetics of your smile less appealing. While the enamel will whiten around the fillings, the fillings themselves can't be whitened. This can lead to a blotchy appearance.

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